Who Doesn’t Need Moisturizer

The skin on your face is different than the skin on the rest of your body, so choosing the best facial moisturizer is extremely important. Facial skin is more sensitive, and it shows signs of aging and environmental damage sooner than other areas. Save face and protect your skin and the longevity of a healthy, beautiful look when you choose the best facial moisturizer.

Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration Night Crème
Stay beautifully hydrated and lovely when you use this time-released facial moisturizer formula. Apply to a clean face at night before bed and wake up refreshed and revitalized. Among the best facial moisturizers, Neutrogena Ageless Essentials keeps your facial skin nourished so it remains supple and soft for longer. Build your ability to produce your own moisture-building with the Glycerin ingredient and stay confident in the dermatologist tested facial savior.

Give your facial skin the moisture and hydration it so desperately craves with CeraVe facial moisturizer. The non-irritating formula was developed alongside dermatologists and is proven effective without clogging your pores. Provide your skin with a barrier against the elements while softening it with effective ceramides. Restore you’re the natural buoyancy and function of your sensitive facial skin and enjoy all-day moisture with a solitary application.

Olay Total Effects
Fight the seven signs of aging by using just one facial moisturizer. Made in America, this moisturizer works for all skin types and boasts the ability to reverse the signs of aging in just a short time. Perfect for those with dry, normal, or combination skin, Olay Total Effects goes to work with its vitamin-rich formula to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. Get help with those pesky brown spots too as you polish the dull, flakiness from your complexion.

Aveeno Clear Complexion
Clear up your skin while you moisturize with this acne treating formula containing salicylic acid and a total soy protein that leaves you skin fresh, clear, and supple. The fast-absorbing lotion goes to work immediately, offering you gentle moisture that is idea for sensitive skin types. Safe enough to use every day, Aveeno Clear Complexion facial moisturize is a great choice for millions for dry skinned, acne-ridden faces. Here below is the list of all the natural ingredients which will do wonder for your skin..

Philosophy Hope in a Jar
Get hope for your unruly complexion and runaway dryness with this award-winning facial moisturizer. The exclusive soufflé texture goes on light and starts working on contact to give your skin and supple and hydrated feel. Ideal for dry or oily skin, this unique formula provides moisture in all the right places, giving you hope for a more beautiful complexion. Use it daily with your regular facial routine and start seeing improvement over time.

Don’t go another day without learning what the best facial moisturizer is for your unique skin type and individual needs. There are enough wonderful options out there to keep you looking and feeling lovely; and, most of the best facial moisturizers offer products with ingredients that help improve your complexion over time. Start adding a good facial moisturizer to your face care routine today.
Photo credit: Maegan Tintari

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Remembering The Old Times

I remember when I was a little girl I was so excited to go home to be the first to taste moms baked bread. We almost have homemade bread loafs for snacks. And I was so satisfied with the taste and crunchiness of my mom’s bread. And it was more delicious to go along with homemade jam from dad’s blueberry farm.

Now that I have my kids waiting for my hearty loaf of bread, I want them to also have good memories from my homemade breads. Since I still have my mom’s homemade bread recipe with me, what I only need is a good bread maker.

I save money just to avail one good quality bread maker. And finally I have it sitting in the kitchen for a year already, a nice zojirushi bread machine, BB-PAC20.

With my bread maker, tasty breads are always served warm and fluffy. The process were made easy and fast. Nothing had changed with my mom’s original recipe. What differ is I don’t hand mix and roll the dough manually. Mixing the dough manually takes a lot of time and energy which I cannot afford to accomplish with my busy schedule.

I just prepare all the ingredients and set my bread machine. I set the bread maker to dough setting and leave it until the timers up. Checking once in a while to make sure all the mixtures are well done. And once it’s done, I just come back and pull the dough from the bread machine and prepare to shape it up. Sometimes I let the kids make their own design and shapes and place it in a grease pan. Just like a typical bread making procedure, allow the dough to rise covering it with a white cloth. Preheat the oven and set the timer to cook. For lots of variation of sweet and fruit bread, go to

See how easy it is to make a homemade breads with a bread maker. It is not just satisfying but fulfilling when it comes to providing my kids a good memories that I always dream of. Aside from having them time to enjoy the tasty homemade breads, they are also learning from the process.

My breads that were baked at home produced the same aroma with what my mom’s have for us. And that is one of my goal, to give my kids the same good memories I have with my mom. So at the end, is zojirushi bread machine worth it? The answer is YES! It worth every penny and I have no regret getting one.

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Is Convection Oven for You?

Are you familiar with convection oven? Or I am the only one left feels so confused about all the oven available nowadays?

I was lost around the appliance center looking for best microwave oven to replace our overused oven. Nice looking with good quality new innovative microwave ovens were sitting around waiting for my attention.

In no time, a sales representative walked in and explained every bits of concern I was curious about.

To my surprise these ovens were all so good and supposedly all has its own advantages in cooking. And that made me puzzled and turned back to say, ok I will be back soon.

Went home with all the pamphlets and options listed….and went back the next week with a decision.

….After a year of using that oven, I am so excited to share this wonderful experience and improvements in my cooking with convention oven.

An overview

Convection oven is an oven with a fan. Some has a feature to turn on and off the fan to adjust with different kind of foods to be cook, some doesn’t have. I prefer the one with more controls, which is one the best for convection oven. I find sometimes the fan makes your food burn a little bit (which good for things like pizza) but is not for cheesecake.

Benefits of Convection Oven

1. Meals are even tastier and juicier. Convection oven allows the heat to circulate inside because of it’s built-in fan. The result is to evenly cook or bake the foods inside and out. Without over drying, the foods preserve the moist and they are indeed heavenly.

2. Saves time, energy and money. Normally, the cool air that surrounds the food tends to slow down the heating time. Using convection oven, the cool air bumped off easily and immediately heat up the oven. Less cooking time, less energy saves time and money.

Tips and advice

Reduce the cooking time and temperatures to almost 20-25 percent to prevent over cooking.

Go look for a particular cooking wares for convection oven. Although some cooking wares or bake ware are still usable, it makes sense to use specific wares to absolutely benefit from convection oven can give.

Bottom line

Convection oven is great for almost all foods that needs to be bake, cooked, defrost and/or reheat left overs. And I am happy to kick back budget on electricity. More time for other meals preparation makes me satisfied with my decision having a convection oven.

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Smell in Your House?

When unexpected visitors arrived, did you notice their faces? Do they look annoyed staying around your house? It seems that they were not comfortable to stay longer. It’s disgusting right? 

Figure out what caused your house smells bad. When our children was still a toddler, we also have a disgusting house smell. It was the baby’s diapers that is stocked in the garbage bin. Also because we have a dog, poops, carpets and rags smells so bad. Of course you cannot give away our dog. Instead look for something that may help you eliminate unwanted odors. A proper cleaning techniques aids those unwanted house odor.

Before because my husband has sensitive nose, I never open windows and doors often. Having it done so, may contaminate the air around the house. Too much carbon dioxide inside the house is not good for our health. I was advised that I have to allow oxygen and fresh air flow smoothly inside the house even for an hour. There are lots of benefit of letting fresh air into the house.

For sensitive nose, sinusitis and allergies skin experts advice an air filter placed inside the house. This is to trap all allergens that is harmful to our health. Allergens came from pets, dust and molds that forms around and inside the house. Prevent the spread of this allergens to avoid common illness.

These bacteria are the main source of annoying smell in your house. If you never kill those bacteria, you will surely drive your visitors away.  Hence, bad smell is shameful to you and to your family. Accumulate a soothing and calm atmosphere in your home to attract a good vibes. Some indoor plants and fresh flowers will add more healing gravity and new perspective to your interiors as well. I love having a lavender flower pots, one of the good soothing aid to also eliminate bad odors at home.

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