Is Convection Oven for You?

Are you familiar with convection oven? Or I am the only one left feels so confused about all the oven available nowadays?

I was lost around the appliance center looking for best microwave oven to replace our overused oven. Nice looking with good quality new innovative microwave ovens were sitting around waiting for my attention.

In no time, a sales representative walked in and explained every bits of concern I was curious about.

To my surprise these ovens were all so good and supposedly all has its own advantages in cooking. And that made me puzzled and turned back to say, ok I will be back soon.

Went home with all the pamphlets and options listed….and went back the next week with a decision.

….After a year of using that oven, I am so excited to share this wonderful experience and improvements in my cooking with convention oven.

An overview

Convection oven is an oven with a fan. Some has a feature to turn on and off the fan to adjust with different kind of foods to be cook, some doesn’t have. I prefer the one with more controls, which is one the best for convection oven. I find sometimes the fan makes your food burn a little bit (which good for things like pizza) but is not for cheesecake.

Benefits of Convection Oven

1. Meals are even tastier and juicier. Convection oven allows the heat to circulate inside because of it’s built-in fan. The result is to evenly cook or bake the foods inside and out. Without over drying, the foods preserve the moist and they are indeed heavenly.

2. Saves time, energy and money. Normally, the cool air that surrounds the food tends to slow down the heating time. Using convection oven, the cool air bumped off easily and immediately heat up the oven. Less cooking time, less energy saves time and money.

Tips and advice

Reduce the cooking time and temperatures to almost 20-25 percent to prevent over cooking.

Go look for a particular cooking wares for convection oven. Although some cooking wares or bake ware are still usable, it makes sense to use specific wares to absolutely benefit from convection oven can give.

Bottom line

Convection oven is great for almost all foods that needs to be bake, cooked, defrost and/or reheat left overs. And I am happy to kick back budget on electricity. More time for other meals preparation makes me satisfied with my decision having a convection oven.

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