Remembering The Old Times

I remember when I was a little girl I was so excited to go home to be the first to taste moms baked bread. We almost have homemade bread loafs for snacks. And I was so satisfied with the taste and crunchiness of my mom’s bread. And it was more delicious to go along with homemade jam from dad’s blueberry farm.

Now that I have my kids waiting for my hearty loaf of bread, I want them to also have good memories from my homemade breads. Since I still have my mom’s homemade bread recipe with me, what I only need is a good bread maker.

I save money just to avail one good quality bread maker. And finally I have it sitting in the kitchen for a year already, a nice zojirushi bread machine, BB-PAC20.

With my bread maker, tasty breads are always served warm and fluffy. The process were made easy and fast. Nothing had changed with my mom’s original recipe. What differ is I don’t hand mix and roll the dough manually. Mixing the dough manually takes a lot of time and energy which I cannot afford to accomplish with my busy schedule.

I just prepare all the ingredients and set my bread machine. I set the bread maker to dough setting and leave it until the timers up. Checking once in a while to make sure all the mixtures are well done. And once it’s done, I just come back and pull the dough from the bread machine and prepare to shape it up. Sometimes I let the kids make their own design and shapes and place it in a grease pan. Just like a typical bread making procedure, allow the dough to rise covering it with a white cloth. Preheat the oven and set the timer to cook. For lots of variation of sweet and fruit bread, go to

See how easy it is to make a homemade breads with a bread maker. It is not just satisfying but fulfilling when it comes to providing my kids a good memories that I always dream of. Aside from having them time to enjoy the tasty homemade breads, they are also learning from the process.

My breads that were baked at home produced the same aroma with what my mom’s have for us. And that is one of my goal, to give my kids the same good memories I have with my mom. So at the end, is zojirushi bread machine worth it? The answer is YES! It worth every penny and I have no regret getting one.

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